Sunday, July 5, 2020

We're Back!

Northampton Honey took a little time off.  When we started the business it was because we both loved beekeeping.  Priscilla worked half time and Adam 22 hours a week. At our peak we had 30 beehives. 

As both of our jobs became more demanding and full time beekeeping just became more work. We made honey but we sort of fell out of love with the bee yard. 

Now, a shocking six years, later we're keeping bees again because we love to. Nobody follows the season like a beekeeper, except perhaps a farmer. To love bees is to love flowers and to know how much rain you've had or how many good flying days the bee have had recently. 

We now have 2 or 4 hives depending on how you look at it.  These are heavily managed hives that put the health of bees before anything. 

Now when we light a smoker and pick up a hive tool and walk to the bees it's with joy again.   The good news is the bees look better than ever.  We should have honey later this year. 

Northampton honey took a little nap and woke up happy. 

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